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Landscape Contractors – How to Make the Most of Your First Meeting

It is usual for people to feel overwhelmed during their first meeting with a prospective landscape contractor. They’re virtually flooded with ideas! But no worries. This purpose of this meeting is just to, well, meet and talk – no need to explain your dream landscape YET.

The contractor will take this opportunity to inspect the property and see what should be done. For you part, you can assess them and whether they are the right choice for your project. You can discuss your dreams and plans after you have signed a service contract.

To maximize the use of this meeting, be sure to ask the following:

> Have you done a similar job in the past? You don’t just want an experienced contractor. They should have significant experience with your type of project and be able to show work samples as evidence.

> What billing method do you use? This could be a per-hour rate or a fixed amount based on the size of the project. Some contractors may also bill you a percentage of your project’s total cost.

> Will you be able to provide client references? But don’t stop there; call these people. Ask about professionalism and reliability. Were they on time for meetings or when returning emails or calls? Did they deal with clients’ concerns in a professional manner?

Checking Out Portfolios

Have the contractor show you photos of recent jobs they’ve done besides those you’ll find on their website. In short, a portfolio and review it together with the contractor so you can ask questions as they come to mind. This could be a good way of knowing how they might go about your project.

Setting Your Budget

Some people find it hard to talk to their contractor about costs, but it’s better to be straightforward about this right from the beginning. This way, them can work around your financial capacity instead of going overboard with your budget that they actually never knew anyway – until you’re probably halfway through the job.

Project Scope

Do you want them to take care of everything, starting with conceptualization to implementation all the way to clean up, or just parts of the project, such as making a landscape site plan? This is obviously one of the main factors that will dictate your project costs, and your contractor should be be aware of it right from the start.

Personal Rapport

Finally, take advantage of this first meeting to gauge whether there is chemistry between you and the contractor. Landscape projects typically run for weeks at least, so you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. Working with someone you don’t like can have a negative impact on how satisfied you will be with the results of the project.

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