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How does Nurse to Patient Ratio affect Seniors

Nurse to patient ratio maybe generally described as the number of nurses who are working at any given time in relevance to the number of residents. The low number of nurses to patients is directly felt by the common citizen in a country or state. The reason why nurses are highly needed in this area is the fact that it the patients or rather senior need care which is best given by the nurses. Besides the low qualification such scenarios lead to over working of the real nurses causing burnout. These are some of the common ways in which the ratio affects seniors.

To start with one of the ways in which nurse to patient ratio affect seniors is over working of the nurses. Due to shortage in the number of nurses the few available are made to work for long hours without a break Burn out poses as a real threat to the seniors in residential homes, this is because when a nurse is worn out their capability to deliver the desired services is compromised. Long working hours may force the nurses to abandon the patients for a little bit of their rest.

The second way in which seniors are impacted by the low nurse to patient ratio is frequent resignation of qualified nurses. Staff turnover is usually high especially when the worker is underpaid and underappreciated. In cases where the senior in the residential home is not used to a certain nurse they may be reluctant to let them treat making their conditions deteriorated further.

Another impact of the nurse to patient ratio among the seniors is that sometimes care may not be given at all. The fact that the nurses tend to be overworked and made to attend to a large number of patients the standard at which they render their services may drop. The concentration of any individual tends to drop in cases where a lot of information tend to be processed at once thus the nurses to may have low concentration which lead to low services to the seniors in the residential homes.

Finally, another impact of the nurse to patient ratio is creation of wrong mentality about the nursing career. The mortality rate among the senior tend to increase as the level of care drops. The negative notion on the nursing career has seen low number of qualified nurses and the few available may tend to work for non-governmental organisations for better pay bring down the quality of services in the public sector in general. All stake holders should therefore look into the ratio of nurse to patient to improve conditions to our seniors in residential homes.

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